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Kamchatka Tours

This summer trek through Kamchatka's dramatic landscapes, experience its indigenous cultures, and see its unique wildlife. The tour operators and outfitters listed below offer trips to accommodate  a wide range of interests, physical abilities and budgets. Departures are synchronized with Yakutia Airline's summer service from Anchorage, or can be readily adapted to the schedule upon request.  If you have a particular interest, whether it be surfing, bird watching, kayaking, or a science expedition, consider a custom-designed trip - numerous operators provide such services.



The below listings are provided as a service to our customers for their reference only; any travel arrangements made are exclusively between the traveler and the operator.  InterPacific Aviation and Marketing, Inc./AirRussia.US does not endorse any particular operator or tour,  and encourages the traveler to perform due diligence when making tour arrangements.

Location of Kamchatka, Russia on Map

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Amazing Kamchatka Tour by Kamchatintour, Multiple Departures/July-Sept, 2014

Kamchatintour 61, Leningradskaya street (“Avacha” Hotel), 4th floor, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683003
Tel.: +7(4152) 42-70-71+7(4152) 42-70-71 , 42-72-10; Fax: +7(4152) 42-77-41; E-mail: tour.info@kamchatintour.ru;
web: www.kamchatintour.ru/en/

Amazing Kamchatka Tour

Hikers enjoy a spectacular view of Kamchatka's Avacha volcano. Photo Courtesy: Kamchatintour

This summer, Kamchatka’s natural wonders are just a short flight away. Join Kamchatintour, the premier ground operator for foreign groups visiting Kamchatka, for a one-week trip to experience Kamchatka’s primordial landscape, unique wildlife, native cultures and hospitality. You will have an opportunity to visit Russia's famous Valley of Geysers, climb an active volcano, take a rafting trip, and more! Weekly summer departures from Anchorage allow for convenient scheduling. For detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.

Book Kamchatintour's signature "Amazing Kamchatka" tour in conjunction with round-trip Yakutia Air tickets from Anchorage to Kamchatka, and receive 15% off the tour price and 10% of most published airfares. Offer valid through May 31, 2014.

Tours may be booked directly with Kamchatintour; subject to space availability. Air tickets to be booked with AirRussia.US; offer valid on all Yakutia Airlines round-trip published airfares on the Anchorage-Kamchatka routing, 2014 season, except promotional class “V”. Subject to availability of inventory of requested fare basis.

Kamchatka: Reindeer Herders & the Ring of Fire by MIR Corporation, August 22-30, 2014
MIR Corporation 85 South Washington St., Ste 210, Seattle, WA 98104 
ATTA Member

Tel:  800-424-7289, E-mail: info@mircorp.com;
web: http://mircorp.com/

Reindeer Herders & the Ring of Fire

On a helicopter day trip to a remote camp of nomadic reindeer breeders. Photo Credit: Douglas Grimes/MIR Corporation

This uncommon journey focuses on the wild Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia's east coast, a wide volcanic promontory thrusting upward from the Pacific Ring of Fire. Spend nine days exploring this spectacular region by cross-country vehicle and helicopter, meeting its diverse people and experiencing its ruggedly beautiful landscapes en route.

For detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.

Bears & Volcanoes of Kamchatka by 50 Degrees North, July-August, 2014
50 Degrees North Suite 203, 7 Jeffcott Street, West Melbourne, Victoria, 3003, Australia
E-mail: info@fiftydegreesnorth.com; Tel: 1300 422 821 (local call Australia)
Intl: +61 3 8682 8905; web: http://www.fiftydegreesnorth.com

Avacha Volcano

From the rim of the Avacha Volcano looking northwest. Photo Courtesy:  50 Degrees North

This is the most popular 10-day trip to Kamchatka by 50 Degrees North, an Australian based operator. Ringed by mountains and situated in an ancient volcano crater, Kurilskoye Lake is one of Kamchatka's trademark destinations. Stay in a quaint, wooden lodge on the lake's shores and take part in some of the best bear viewing on the peninsula. Watch the massive pink salmon run and take walking excursions on the lake to view Stellar sea eagle's nesting. After Kurilskoye Lake you'll join our "Geologists and Volcanologist tour of Kamchatka" on the plateau of Mutnovsky Volcano and can take a spectacular helicopter flight north of peninsula visit the famous Valley of Geysers and caldera Uzon volcano. For detailed itinerary and pricing, click here.
Helicopter Tours by Vityaz-Travel, 2014
Vityaz Travel
9-B, Toporkov street, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 683031, Russia
Tel.: +7(4152)34-04-24, 34-49-99; E-mail:
irina@vityaz-travel.ru, alex@vityaz-travel.ru, olga@vityaz-travel.ru;

Helicopter Tours

Enjoy spectacular views of Kamchatka on helicopter tours. Photo: Tour to Kuril Lake for bear viewing, courtesy of Vityaz-Travel

Relax on these 4 and 6 hour helicopter tours consisting of breathtaking narrated aerial views of some of the most beautiful sites in Kamchatka that not many tourists get to see while visiting the peninsula. You will be able to take amazing photos, see active volcanoes, soak in hotsprings, and more! The tours focus on famous Valley of Geysers, Uzhon Caldera, Kuril Lake, Ksudach volcano, Khodutkinskie hot springs, Mutnovsky volcano, Gorely volcano, and Nalychevo valley. For details, please download this document highlighting itineraries and prices.

Tours in Kamchatka by 56th Parallel, Summer 2014
56th Parallel
Address in Australia: Level 1, Suite 104A, 55 Grafton St, Bondi Junction, NSW, Australia, 2022
Address in Russia: Level 8, 29 Kalanchevskaya St, Moscow, Russia, 107078
Website: www.56thparallel.com, Email: info@56thparallel.com, Tel (International): +61-2-93889816

Kayaking in Kamchatka

Photo: Sea lions at Cape Kekurny, Kamchatka by Photographer Artem Gromov, courtesy of 56th Parallel

KAMCHATKA CRITTERS AND CRATERS: Walk among brown bears as they fish for salmon in the rivers. Climb to the summit of Avachinsky volcano, or stroll through the Valley of Geysers and see Kamchatka’s most spectacular natural monuments by helicopter.
KAYAKING IN KAMCHATKA: Take on the adventure of a lifetime – discover Kamchatka’s extraordinary coastline by sea kayak and get closer to its wild inhabitants than you ever imagined.
FLY FISHING IN KAMCHATKA: Embark on the fishing expedition of your dreams - fly fishing Kamchatka Russia! Rafting and camp along the remote Icha River on the hunt for wild Pacific salmon.
KAMCHATKA DIVE EXPEDITION: Kamchatka isn’t your typical dive destination, but that’s what makes it so alluring. The watery world beneath the Pacific waves of far eastern Siberia is home to unspoiled and surprisingly colourful submarine landscapes, and some of the most diverse marine life anywhere in the world.



Land of Fire - Kamchatka, Siberia by Secret Compass, 5-27 July 2014
Secret Compass
Tel in US: 1 347 6900182
E-mail: info@secretcompass.com

Trekking in Kamchatka, Photo courtesy: Barry Stone

•Remote trekking through untracked wilderness with no trails, no people and no villages.
•Travel on foot through a region with one of the highest densities of bears in the world.
•Climb five active volcanoes including Klyuchevskaya Sopka, at 4,750m the highest active volcano in Eurasia
•A rare chance to experience total isolation in a truly remote part of the world. Once we start the trek we will not come across any permanent settlements.

For details and pricing, click here.

Wild Siberia: Kamchatka, sea of Okhotsk & Sakhalin by Zegrham Expeditions
Aboard Caledonian Sky | July 25 – August 12, 2014 | 19 Days
3131 Elliott Avenue, Suite 300, Seattle, WA 9812
ATTA Member

Tel: 800.628.8747, 206.285.4000; Fax: 206.285.5037
Contact Us Form, www.zegrahm.com

Wild Siberia

Wild Siberia Tour. Photo Courtesy:  Zegrahm Expeditions

The expansive Russian Far East region bordering the Sea of Okhotsk is one of the least-explored and most remarkable destinations for untouched forests, pristine tundra, and vast amounts of wildlife. Here, you’ll find a number of whale species including beluga, orca, and bowhead; basking seals and sea lions by the thousands; and millions of seabirds. Aboard the Caledonian Sky, journey from Kamchatka to the Kuril Islands then trace the coastline of the Sea of Okhotsk to explore remote shores and isolated islands long closed to Westerners. Birders, botanists, photographers, and nature-lovers will revel in this breathtaking environment where nature has exceeded herself, and travelers have barely started to explore. For details and pricing, click here.